The Great Loopers

Retirees spend about a year navigating through The Great Loop, a continuous waterway of about 6,000 miles in the US and Canada

A Second Act for Retired Officers

Retired troopers, city police and others are now using their skills at a special patrol unit in Onondaga County

Higher Calling

The new leader at Syracuse schools started in the district three decades ago as a kindergarten teacher’s aide. He found out education was his true passion and stuck around. In July he was appointed interim school superintendent

Incentive Trusts Can Motivate Your Heirs

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fits Like a Glove

Finding a New Job

Six in 10 displaced workers aged 55-64 found new jobs in 2016

Edgar’s at Belhurst Castle

Unbeatable place for weekend brunch

Seniors, a Generous Bunch

Con artists are aware of that: Be careful and check carefully before donating

A New Chapter for Theater Director

Robert Hupp just took over Syracuse Stage as its new artistic director

Need a Career Coach?

40 Above, a Cool Option

Workers aged 40 and above have resources to make them more marketable

Resumes: Not What They Used to Be

Experts suggest new ways for job seekers to present their experience

10 Things to Exclude from Your Resume

Let’s Meetup

Online site helps people find and create groups based around ideas and activities

The Healing Power of Prayers, Love and Modern Medicine

Some pointers on how to accomplish it

Giving Back

Two local retired school teachers find themselves immersed in volunteer work

Options for Assistive Devices Abound

The Serendipity of Senior Train Travel

14 Signs You’re Getting Old

Discover Lewis County, An All-Season Destination

Last Page: Tim Ames, 75

Founder of Oswego arts cooperative/ gallery, retiring at the end of the year